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Stop Your Foreclosure
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Foreclosure & Loan Modifications
Personal Bankruptcy
If your loan is in review for a loan modification, your lender is automatically required to postpone the foreclosure sale – usually for 30 days at a time, until the review process is  complete. 

While the loan is in review, and with the foreclosure on hold, we can evaluate all of your financial options together and create a plan for you to get back on top.
Foreclosure & Bankruptcy
Small Business Bankruptcy
Filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy any time before the auction, even if it’s only minutes before the foreclosure sale, can stop a foreclosure dead in its tracks.

While not always the most suitable answer, sometimes bankruptcy is exactly what a struggling homeowner needs to regroup and strategize a recovery plan.

Stopping a
Bankruptcy & Loan Modification
The most favorable solution to a pending foreclosure is simply to catch up on the payments.

You have up until 5 days before the foreclosure sale to cure the default and stop the process altogether. This is called “reinstatement” of the loan and it may be for feasible than you think.

Beware of Foreclosure Scams
Credit Repair After Bankruptcy
Foreclosure rescue and mortgage modification scams are a constant and growing problem, especially with today’s economy. There are very strict laws on who can take money and for what when it comes to foreclosures and loan modifications so your best defense is to know your rights and recognize the signs of a scam.

Stop struggling –  Experience Financial Freedom
The VLG attorneys are well-prepared, natural problem-solvers who will find an effective solution to your looming foreclosure and immediately take action to reverse it.
1It is our mission to use our expertise to defend struggling and underrepresented families, individuals and businesses
from unyielding lenders and litigants, and help them get back on the road to financial recovery.
2We see a future where people facing financial difficulties are able to fight against their creditors on an equal footing, no
matter their creed, color or background.
3 With our clients at the heart of all we do, we live these values:
- Treating all of our clients with the compassion, dignity and respect that everyone deserves,
- Proactively finding innovative solutions that meet the unique situations of each client,
- Delivering our very best in all we do, and holding ourselves accountable for results.
- Our clients trust us. In an industry plagued by greed, we take the high road, always choosing the hard right, over the easy wrong, even when it means going the extra mile.
- Cookie-cutter solutions are not part of our practice. We take the time to understand your situation and apply it to the latest legal methods so we can find a solution as unique as you are.
- Justice isn’t just for the rich. We avoid time-wasting activities and excess fees, choosing to focus instead on best practices that will save you money and get you the results you deserve.
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What Our Clients Say
"I first contacted Vokshori Law Group when I thought it was the last straw in helping me save my home of 42 years. Patsy was a breath of fresh air and she explain to me what needed to be done to save my home .  This is the Law Office to Hire !"
Jimmy Redhawk James
"We tried to obtain a loan modification on our own and our efforts were unsuccessful. Vokshori Law Group worked with the lender to obtain a loan modification. We could have never achieved the results without their expertise."
Darlene Alexander
"Nadia,who was assigned to my case was very friendly and helpful. She was willing to answer any questions that I had, and there every step of the way through to the end of my case. I would recommend this law firm to anyone who is in need of a great law firm."
Patrick McNutt
"I have no words to thank Vokshori Law Group Team. They did a Wonderful, Awesome and Great job with my Two Loan Modifications. They were very professional and knowledgeable. All of their staff is great and very friendly. I will forever be grateful!!!"
Vandna Sharma
"My name is Joyce and I used this law firm starting in 2012 for a bankruptcy. My lawyer Ryan was wonderful: he was helpful, kind, considerate and most of all...patient. Mr.Vokshori, whenever I did speak to him, also took all the time needed to make sure that I understood everything."
Aten Entertainment
"Upon arriving to this Law Group we were in despair. We had tried for three years to reduce our mortgage rate and loan payment with no prevail. The greatest advice to anyone trying to fight for their home is to join forces. Through Vokshori we were able to forgo foreclosure and save our home."
Briscia Cortez
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We’ve made it our mission to use our expertise to defend struggling and underrepresented families from unyielding lenders, and help them get back on the road to financial recovery.
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